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Every Monday

Facebook live

Wise Tribe Singing Circle

9:30 am

Every Monday Morning Leonie will host a free online singing circle on the Wise Tribe Facebook page. Where we will sing mantra's and sacred songs

Download the free songbook to sing along.

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Every Tuesday


Hanuman Chalisa practice
8:00 am

Every Tuesday morning there will be an online Hanuman Chalisa practice on Zoom. In order to join this group you'd have to finish at least day 1-20 of the 40 day practice you can find on this website.

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Every Wednesday

Facebook live

The Morning Kirtan
10 am

Every Wednesday there will be The Morning Kirtan on Facebook live; Leonie Bos Music page. Together with Tali Gross on the violin. A beautiful practice to start the day together. Wake up like the birds in the morning.


Mantra Songbook  Download

Free Song Download

Donations are ofcourse always welcome